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The Vintage 1950 Ford F2 Tap Truck

Welcome to the home of an extraordinary transformation - the 1950 Ford F2 Tap Truck from a charming Cornfield in the heart of Nebraska. We're here to share the captivating story of how this classic pickup truck was lovingly handcrafted and converted into a mobile beverage service, adding a touch of nostalgia to your events.


Our Roots

Our journey begins on a picturesque Cornfield nestled in the scenic landscapes of Nebraska. The beloved Ford F2 was purchased brand new as a vital piece of work equipment on the farm by Rudolf "Rudy" G. Sandin after WWII. 

Rudolf, born in 1900 and began farming in 1909. He farmed mostly corn but has dome cattle and hogs. His father passed away when Rudy was just 16 from Tuberuculosis. Rudy continued farming with the help of his two uncles in order to support his mother and two sisters. He was a gifted machinist who graduated from the Lincoln Auto and Tractor school in 1920. He took extreme care of all of his equipment and had an immense love and respect for steam engines. He operated them for a threshing crew for several years. Needing a relabel farm truck, Rudy turned to the trusty Ford F2 and purchased it brand new. At a point in time he even fabricated a hoist on the back to make light work of heavy items on the farmstead. 










Our antique farm truck was an essential part of daily life on the Cornfield. As the wheels turned through countless seasons, it bore witness to the changing tides of time and the evolution of farming practices. It transported bundles and bundles of corn to the packing house, played a vital role in family gatherings, and carried the hopes and dreams of generations who cultivated the land.




























In 1983, Rudy sold the farm and its equipment, including our iconic 1950 Ford F2 Pickup to his relative Albert Ferris, who preserved the trucks natural beauty and kept it garaged for years. After passing in 1997, The truck was inherited by his grandson Greg Poole. this family-owned farm has been an integral part of the community, cultivating the grain and preserving the traditions of the heartland. It was from this very soil that our iconic 1950 Ford F2 pickup truck was born.


A Labor of Love

The transformation of this vintage Ford F2 into a Tap Truck was nothing short of a labor of love. Meticulously crafted and restored by two skilled artisans, Greg and Nick, every detail was considered to ensure it paid homage to the truck's historic past while embracing its exciting new role. The result is a beautifully restored pickup truck that seamlessly combines classic charm with modern functionality. Our mission is twofold: to preserve the heritage of this antique farm truck and to share its rich history with those who appreciate the value of tradition

Beverages with a Side of Nostalgia

Our beloved Ford F2 Tap Truck serves as a unique addition to your special events. From weddings and corporate gatherings to fairs and festivals, this mobile beverage station is a crowd-pleaser that adds a touch of nostalgia and class to any occasion. Whether you're serving craft beer, wine, cider, premixed cocktails, or any other beverage, our Tap Truck is the perfect choice to delight your guests.



Raise a Glass with Us

We invite you to join us on this journey through time, where the spirit of the Corn Fields in Nebraska lives on in our vintage 1950 Ford F2 Tap Truck. Experience the perfect blend of history and hospitality as you raise a glass with us. From the apple orchards of Nebraska to the venues of your events, this truck carries with it a taste of a bygone era and a promise of a bright future.

Contact us to book the Ford F2 Tap Truck for your next event and add a dash of classic elegance, a sprinkle of nostalgia, and a whole lot of fun to your celebrations. Cheers to making memories and preserving traditions, one pour at a time!


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